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Trademark & Copyright

Our Trademark & Copyright Policy

Lighthouse Tai Chi® is a Registered UK Trademark that covers: Education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities - classes, events, seminars, workshops, demonstrations and tuition.

In relation to:
Tai Chi, Aqua Tai Chi, Qigong, all Martial Arts, Fitness, including Pilates, Personal Training etc

You can search and find our TM with this number UK00003054267 in class 41 at the UK Government Intellectual Property Office

Lighthouse Qigong® is also a Registered UK Trademark No UK00003290794

All our trademarks are the Intellectual Property of Helena Kean

What is a Trademark? "This can be a word, logo, image etc that identifies you as the owner of your products and services. It is the name or image by which customers find your products and services and a trademark gives you the exclusive use of that name, logo or image. It is the most valuable asset your business owns and a mark of trust. When you have a registered trademark you have the right to take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters. put the ® symbol next to your brand - to show that it's yours and warn others against using it. sell and license your brand"

Why we protect our Trademarks They are a major investment for us, and as a small business they are our most valuable asset. We will defend them and have a protocol for handling infringement and illegal use of our name or names that would cause confusion with our brand and trademark. 

Checking for a Trademark: always go to the official government site Our Trademark is a UK registered Trademark and applies across UK. Our name with the circled R symbol ® is easily searchable both on search engines and social media platforms. 

Common mistakes that lead to infringement:
1. Adding a word, changing the spelling or order of the words
2. Searching at Companies House. We are not a Limited company so we do not need to register at Companies House.
3. Assuming it is ok because are in a different part of the UK - our trademark applies across the whole UK - outside the UK it does not apply.
4. Using the word 'Lighthouse' with other exercise and fitness activities - except Yoga which is a Trademark that belongs to someone else
5. Asking an accountant or bookkeeper for Trademark and business name advice 
6. Thinking that a web domain gives you the rights to use the name - Nominet can take down your site if you have used a registered Trademark that you do not own.
7. Applying for your own Trademark using Lighthouse - we are notified of any applications so that we can submit a report or an intention to contest your application and we will send you a letter as requested by the IPO.

Use of the word Lighthouse with any other fitness, martial art or exercise is an infringement because it causes confusion and could use our standing and goodwill to 'trade off'. This could lead to prosecution and claim for any lose of revenue. 

However, you can approach any Trademark holder with a request to use their name under license - this usually involves a negotiable fee.

Our Policy on Trademark enforcement:
On discovering the unauthorized use of our name we will always assume that the person has not done so out of malice or intent to defraud, but because they do not know it is illegal to use our name or about Trademarks.

In the first instance, we will make a friendly approach and state that we do not give permission to use our name without a license. This will usually be by email and/or a social media message. It will be clear and without 'tone' or implication of any more than the facts.

A person may of course, assume that this is a scam of some kind, but we will always direct them to the government website and provide our TM number and a photo of our certificate where possible. We will never make demands for money or threaten any illegal action. We are simply trying to save you and ourselves time and money by seeking an amicable resolution and protecting our legal rights.

If this cannot be resolved in a friendly or simple manner we will then ask our solicitors to send a 'cease and desist' letter. We may subsequently take the matter to court.

Social Media Platforms
If an unauthorized use of our name is discovered on a social media platform, we will try to reach you by message, but the Trademark infringement is automatically reported to the platform. We are not responsible or liable for any action taken against you by the platform or Artificial Intelligence or the consequences.

From experience: Most people who have accidentally infringed our Trademark are upset, maybe embarrassed and may have incurred significant financial outlay. Our brand name 'means something' to us too and we have invested years of our lives and a great deal money into building our brand and goodwill. Stating our rights, explaining our Trademark and contacting people about this, does not constitute 'bullying' or aggression. It is a professional courtesy before incurring legal costs to either or both parties, and if unfortunately, we do go to court, it shows that we have been fair, reasonable and professional. If someone makes threats or accusations towards us, this will be reported to the authorities.

If you have any questions about this or wish to approach us regarding licensing, please do so by email to

Our Copyright applies to all our written content, imagery, videos and merchandise. UK Copyright Law protects our work and stops others from using it without our permission.

Anything supplied in classes, online or shared on social media platforms remains our exclusive copyright. 

These items may not be shared, copied or distributed without our permission. Anyone found sharing or copying our handouts, manuals, resources, videos, logo, name, brand, clothing, merchandise or anything else covered by our copyright will be banned from attending our sessions and may be prosecuted.
Lighthouse Tai Chi 2024
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